We've all experienced it: you go to vape and are hit with a burnt flavor and unpleasant sensation rather than a pleasurable cloud of vapor.

What gives, then? When the coil within your vaping device is not sufficiently saturated with e-liquid, it overheats and singes the wicking material. This is known as a dry hit. Dry hits can occasionally result from human error. Even a burnt flavor and a drop in vapor production could indicate that your coil is getting close to the end of its useful life.

To ensure the best possible vaping experience, you must frequently replace the coils because they all have a certain lifespan. However, there are some techniques to permanently eliminate dry hits and lengthen the lifespan of your coils.


Use less sweet e-liquids

The e-liquid you're smoking is among the most critical factors to consider when determining how long a coil lasts. Since many of us prefer to inhale sweet flavors, it is typical for e-liquid producers to add various amounts of sweetness to their recipes.

While additional sweeteners can perfectly replicate the flavor of our favorite fruits and baked products, they reduce the coil's lifespan, primarily when used in more significant amounts. The sweetener in the e-liquid could leave residue on the coil while you vape. This eventually reduces wicking effectiveness and results in a burned flavor. Similar to how some dark-colored flavorings accelerate coil degradation,

It is best to choose an e-liquid with less sugar and clear flavorings if you want to keep your coil's lifespan manageable. Even some e-liquids don't have any sweetness to increase coil longevity.

Asking for guidance at your neighborhood vape shop or in online vaping communities, where experienced vapers are always willing to assist newcomers, is the best method to find an e-liquid with little sugar. You can even email us at Info@Flawlessvapeshop.com for assistance and expect us to accommodate you.


Prime your new coils

Installing the coil, adding e-liquid to the tank, and waiting a few minutes before vaping are the usual steps for using a new coil. This approach is acceptable; however, adding a "priming" phase can prolong coil life.

Place 3–4 drops of your preferred e-liquid onto the wicking material in the center of the new coil before inserting it into your tank or device. Install the coil after completing those steps, fill the tank, and wait for 5 to 10 minutes.

This direct e-liquid application will speed up the coil's saturation and prevent the coil's center from drying out before you take your first drag. Many users discover that this method of priming the coil lengthens coil life and improves the flavor output of a new coil.


Gradually Increase power output

All coils from our shop come with a recommended wattage range that informs you of the ideal power output for the best vaping experience. Check this before turning on the power-up because exceeding the upper limit of this range may significantly reduce your coil's lifespan or possibly burn it immediately.

Along with remaining within the advised wattage range, gradually raising the wattage helps lengthen the coil's lifespan.


Keep your e-liquid level topped up

It might be simple to make the error of letting the e-liquid level in your tank or device become too low if you are new to vaping.

When there is enough e-liquid in a tank or device, the pressure of the liquid keeps the coil thoroughly saturated and ensures that the wicking ports are entirely submerged.

It is more challenging for the coil to saturate when the e-liquid level drops to a shallow level, significantly if it has fallen below the wicking ports.

The wicking ports on your coil should permanently be submerged entirely; thus, it's recommended to periodically top off your tank or device with e-liquid. Doing this will promote a continuously saturated coil, increasing its lifespan and avoiding dry hits.


Reduce your power setting

With each puff, you vaporize more juice when you vape at greater wattage. Although it can affect your coils, this is perfect if you want large clouds. Your wick occasionally has trouble soaking up juice rapidly enough to keep up as you vape e-juice at a faster rate. Additionally, you can burn your wick if it cannot keep up. Like the chain vaping problem, however, it manifests itself after fewer puffs.

Simple power settings reduction is the answer. If the flavor starts to fade, your coil is probably drying up and needs more time to absorb the juice. When this occurs, you'll need to take a break (as described above), but you can drop your wattage slightly to make it less likely to occur again.

If you keep to the recommended wattage range, typically indicated on the coil itself, you shouldn't experience any problems. It is advisable to begin at the bottom and move up. The simplest option, though, is to reduce the power if you have flavor loss and your coils are burning at their present level.


Use Smart Mode

The introduction of intelligent mode after we first published this article is a significant advance in vaporizer technology.

  • Decide on a wattage's minimum and maximum.
  • Automatically set your power to the ideal wattage for the coil.
  • Offer advice on the ideal wattage for your coil.

 Sticking to smart mode can help you avoid using too many watts and lessen the possibility of coil burning.

The well-known VooPoo Drag Kit 3 177w devices that support Smart Mode include some of my favorites.