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Rewards Points – Flawless Vape Shop

Rewards Points

How Do I Earn Flawless Loyalty Points?

Register A New Account 100 points
Place An Order 2.5 Points Per $1 Spent

How Much Are Flawless Loyalty Points Worth?

$ 1.00 Off 20 points
If You Purchase 3 Bottles of Juice at $25.00, you will have earned 375 points, with the registration bonus you would have enough for a free bottle of juice, NICE.

Facts And Questions?

How do I join FlawlessVapeShop.com Points?
Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled as of 11/18/2016. If you don't have one, create a store account to join today.
How do I earn points?
~ Earn 50 Points When Registering For A New Account
~ Earn 2.5 Points For Every $1 You Spend Excluding Any Shipping Fees Or Taxes.
~ Refer A Friend and You Get 50 Points When They Make Their First Purchase, They Get 100 Points For Registering (Unlimited Earning Potential)
How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?
Log in to your store account and your rewards will be displayed.  Right above our company logo will also display your points balance.  On each product page it will also show how many points you need to redeem a product.
How do I use my rewards?
You will have to purchase a Flawless Vape Shop Gift Card that is within the denomination and points rewards value.  For instance, if you have 500 Rewards points, you can purchase a $25.00 gift card for 500 points which will give you a free bottle of $25.00 juice.
Flawless Gift Cards can be bought from the Flawless Products Menu or by clicking Here