WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
PUFF LABS | Puff Beast Bar Disposable 1500 Puff (Individual)
The Puff BEAST Bar Disposable is the first of its kind. Featuring a sub ohm style coil head while also separating the battery from the chamber of E-Liquid. This all new propriety coil design allows for the purest and strongest...
PUFF LABS | Puff Boss Bar Disposable 5% Nicotine (Individual)
The Puff BOSS Bar Disposable is raising the bar by offering one of the largest puff disposables currently available on the market. The BOSS Bar is a compact, lightweight, and portable system that allows users to puff away without having...
PUFF LABS | XTRA Disposable E-Cigs 5% Nicotine (Individual)
The Puff Labs XTRA Disposable Device is the all-in-one vapor system featuring a 1000mAh battery, 5% of salt-based nicotine, and about 1500 puffs per device. The lightweight & compact design gives you a satisfying all day vape.  Features: All-In-One Disposable Vapor...
PUFF LABS | Pink and Whites 100ML eLiquid
Circus Cookie: Puff Labs Circus Cookie is a crispy vanilla cookie covered in pink, sometimes white, frosting and covered with little rainbow sprinkles. The inhale will be like inserting a little vanilla cookie right into your flavor bucket. The exhale will be like...
PUFF LABS | Pink and Blues 100ML eLiquid
Circus Cotton Candy: Puff Labs Circus Cotton Candy E-Liquid is a sweet and slightly tart blue raspberry cotton candy ball. The inhale will be light and fluffy and sugary. The exhale will be sweet and slightly tart blue raspberry cotton fluff.
PUFF LABS | Pinks 100ML eLiquid
Isn’t frosting the best invention ever? I mean, you can use it on anything. I’ve used it on sodas, pies, cakes, cookies and even lips. Yeah, when you’re all out of your favorite lip gloss, just smear some fluffy buttercream...
STRANGE FRUIT | Rotten Candy 100ML eLiquid
Rotten Candy: Puff Labs Rotten Candy E-Liquid is a bunch of little gummy candies, not shaped like animals, wading in a small pool of grape soda. The inhale will be have a rainbow gummy vibe going on. The exhale will be all grape...
STRANGE FRUIT | Fried Eye Scream 100ML eLiquid
Fried Eye Scream: This stuff called Fried Eye Scream E-Liquid! It’s a hair raising vanilla bean ice cream with a fried crust rolled in a bunch of miniature frooty rock cereal. The inhale will be a bone tickling fried vanilla ice cream....
STRANGE FRUIT | Frooty Booty 100ML eLiquid
Frooty Booty: Puff Labs Frooty Booty E-Liquid is what happens when you stand out in the Vegas sun for too long while holding a rainbow snow cone. The inhale will be melted rainbow snow cone syrup. On the exhale, you will taste every...
STRANGE FRUIT | Spoiled Milk 100ML eLiquid
Spoiled Milk: Spoiled Milk is off the chart with flavor. The inhale will be like you’re on your own little island in the sun, with flip flops and socks and all that. The exhale will be a refreshing key lime pie...
PUFF LABS | Psycho Kitty 100ML eLiquid
Puff Labs Psycho Kitty E-Liquid is a bunch of powdah donut bites filled with thick berry syrup. The inhale will be a fresh out of the fryer donut covered in sweet white powder. The exhale will be a thick berry syrup explosion....
PUFF LABS | Psycho Unicorn 100ML eLiquid
Puff Labs Psycho Unicorn E-Liquid is a mystical elongated yellow cake packed with scrumptious candy cream. The inhale will be a giant wad of sweet yellow submarine shaped sponge cake. The exhale will be the most glorious candy cream concoction you’ve never...
PUFF LABS | Psycho Yeti 100ML eLiquid
Puff Labs Psycho Yeti E-Liquid is the most delectable fruit mashup party you’ve ever had happen inside your mouth. The inhale will be the freshest hand picked fruits. The exhale will be an uncontrollable blast of refreshing menthol.
PUFF LABS | Puff Beast Bar V2 Disposable Device - 1500 Puff (Individual)
Puff Beast Bar V2 Disposable Device is the newest version of the original Beast Bar. The Beast Bar V2 has the same appearance, however; the proprietary coil design has been revamped to produce better flavor production. It's everything you loved...
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