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What Is “Mint” and “Menthol?”

Mint: Mint is a family of plants that grow in the form of herbs. Used for various purposes, the mint family mostly includes lavender, peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen.

Mint gives a cool and refreshing taste, and we all know that. Today, mint is popularly used in vape juices with nicotine or without nicotine because of its ability to balance out bitterness, sweetness, tartness, and richness.

Menthol: Menthol is a chemical compound in mint plants responsible for giving mint a unique coolness. It is also frequently added in e-liquids. By consuming menthol flavor vape juices, you can enjoy a physical sensation of coldness.

How Are Mint And Menthol Used In E-Liquids?

Though mint and menthol are similar in origin, they produce distinct effects in CBD vape juices or vape juices with nicotine. Mint is a flavor, so Mint vape juices give a minty taste to vaper. On the other hand, menthol is found in many e-liquids by top vape juice brands. Menthol flavor creates a cool throat hit, giving vapers a unique and refreshing sensation.

Note: While mint is a flavor, menthol is a sensation. This being said, mint and menthol are combined in vape juices sometimes but aren’t used interchangeably.

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