A Guide To Vaping Settings

Since its inception, vaporizer technology has advanced significantly. Today's latest vape starter kits come with a variety of vaping settings that you might find a little puzzling at first. If you want to get the most out of your vape mod, it's critical to learn what these advanced vaping modes achieve and why you might want to try them out.

If you're new to vaping or to vaping with a multi-setting device, it could be difficult to navigate all of the settings available for your mod. Therefore, we have put together a list of the most popular vaping modes that people use today to try to make things a bit easier for you. So, let's start.


Wattage Mode


Photo from Sven Kucinic on unsplash.com

Tanks are usually included with the majority of vape mods that are marketed nowadays in entire beginning kits. Every tank has a particular wattage range in which it performs best, therefore vape mods must provide as much versatility as possible. The wattage vaping mode will make it simple for you to experiment with other tanks while still giving you the freedom to do so.

Check the box when purchasing a box of coils to view the recommended operating range for those coils. If you keep your device inside that range, you'll have the longest coil life possible.


Pulse Mode

Only a few vape products have pulse mode, which is an unusual setting. The pulse mode has gained popularity among users who claim that it provides a pleasant puff despite being tough on the lungs. Your breathing rate goes up when you pulse on controlled gadgets, and most likely, you won't notice any breaks in your vaping sessions.

By pulsing the output every 0.2 seconds while you hold down the fire button, the mode essentially modifies the generally steady output of most devices. The intention is to keep the device's performance constant throughout your pull, with the pulsating output producing a harder-hitting vape.


Temperature Control Mode

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The temperature control vaping mode was created since you might vape with a burnt flavor. The coil in your vape tank's temperature is automatically limited by the temperature control vaping. When you utilize the temperature control vaping mode, the mod automatically decreases its power when the temperature rises above the amount you choose to prevent a dry hit and coil burnout.

Nickel and titanium vape coils can also be used in temperature control mode, however, those coil materials are less common because they cannot be used in wattage mode. The most common coil material for temperature control vaping is stainless steel because it also functions in wattage mode.


Bypass Mode

You'll essentially get the identical experience with a mechanical mod if your vape mod has a bypass vaping mode. A mechanical mod is a vaping device that doesn't have any internal circuitry to control battery safety and just transfers all of the battery's power to the atomizer coil whenever the button is pressed. Since they provided substantially greater power and battery life than the other types of e-cigarettes on the market at the time, mechanical mods were particularly well-liked during the early years of vaping.

Bypass mode outputs the full voltage of the battery while skipping your device's power control mechanisms. However, it doesn't bypass your mod's safety features, so you may continue to take advantage of things like temperature control and short circuit protection.


Smart Vaping Mode

Photo from Dovpo Offical on Unsplash

The final vaping setting that may be accessible on your device is a smart mode, which sets it up automatically to work well with the associated tank or atomizer. The implementation of the smart vaping mode will vary because it is a proprietary function that differs from device to device. When a vape mod is in its smart mode, it may automatically recommend a suitable wattage after determining the resistance of the associated tank.

In other situations, a vape mod's smart mode might be even smarter. The features of specific tanks are programmed into some manufacturers' vape mods, allowing you to choose whether you want the mod to set itself up for optimal taste, battery life, or vapor production.



The sheer variety of vape mod options on the market may be overwhelming to a beginner vaper. Large clouds can be produced, tanks can be filled with your preferred e-liquids, and vaping devices' batteries can be kept running longer thanks to advanced vaping modes. To get the most out of your gadgets, all you need is a little vape mod expertise and some fiddling.