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“Some days I’m humble, other days I struggle, but everyday I hustle!”


Hustle is an exciting disposable vape device that celebrates the everyday hustle. From the very first inhale, vapers will realize that this product is unlike any other. The unique flavors provide a taste and satisfaction that is unrivaled. It’s the perfect device with 5% nicotine and 1.3ml of e-liquid flavor for the vaper who is on the go and needs a vape that’s also made for the hustle of everyday life.


Pineapple Lemonade: The tropical sweetness of the pineapple is blended with the refreshing and tart taste of lemonade to produce a flavor profile your taste buds will love. With 5% nicotine in every device, Hustle Disposables provide an average of 300 hits. Each inhale with this device will remind you to keep your head up and to keep going.


Pom Blast: An amazing fruit blend of pomegranate with a blast of mixed berries creates a mouth-watering flavor profile. Each Hustle Disposable device averages 300 hits with 5% nicotine. So every time you fall, you can always pick yourself up with a blast of Pom Blast flavor.


Blue Razz: This Hustle Disposable device features a luscious blend of delightful blue raspberry and the sweetness of taffy. With such a perfectly mixed blend, vapers will enjoy a delicious taste with every hit and a device that provides an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine. Blue Razz proves that you can’t knock the Hustle.


Mango Tango: The pure taste of mango is distilled into this Hustle Disposable. Providing an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine, Mango Tango delivers for mango lovers everywhere. Each hit tastes like ripened mango fresh from the vine and will have vapers dancing for joy. As you hustle through life, remember that life is also sweet.


Chilly Lychee: The exotic flavor of lychee is mixed with ice, and the result is a cooling flavor like no other.  This Hustle Disposable device provides an average of 300 chilled hits with 5% nicotine. Each hit tastes like a cool drink of iced lychee; it’s the perfect vape to stay chill through the everyday hustle and bustle of life.


Strawberry Dreams: Vape dreams are made of these. Strawberry lovers will obsess over this Hustle Disposable device, which provides an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine. Our master mixologists took the sweet and distinctive taste of strawberry and distilled its pure flavor into each Hustle device. This proves that dreams do come true when you hustle.


Icy Lush: Sweet watermelon is carefully distilled into a sugary treat and blended with a hint of menthol to create a flavor you can vape all day long. With an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine, this Hustle Disposable will be the device you will reach for over and over again throughout your day as you hustle to make things happen.


Strawberry Watermelon: Our master mixologists distilled the distinct sweetness of strawberry and blended it with the delectable flavor of watermelon to create an unforgettable flavor combination. This Hustle Disposable device provides an average of 300 hits with 5% nicotine. This perfect and harmonious blend of two unique flavors prove that anything is possible when you hustle.


Tropical Mix: A delicious fresh fruit mix of tropical fruits, ripe strawberries, and fresh off the vine blueberries is blended together to create a flavor so good you’ll feel like you’re on vacation in a tropical paradise. Each Hustle Disposable device contains 5% nicotine and provides an average of 300 hits. It’s perfectly suited to keep up with a vaper who’s always on the hustle for opportunities.


Strawberry Kiwi: The subtle sweetness of kiwi is blended perfectly with the distinct flavor of strawberry to create an unforgettable Hustle Disposable device. It’s designed to keep up with your daily hustle by providing an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine. Enjoy the sweet life with an e-juice that balances the sweet juice of strawberries with the mellow taste of kiwi.


Strawberry Banana: The distinctive flavors of strawberry and banana are masterfully blended into an e-liquid that is unlike any other in the market. Hustle Disposable provides the perfect device to enjoy these two flavors on the go. With an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine, vapers who crave the sweet flavor of strawberry and fruity flavor of banana will be able to enjoy this flavor combination wherever they’re hustle takes them.


Pink Lemonade: A favorite summertime treat has been perfectly captured and distilled into every Hustle Disposable. Each device provides an average of 300 hits with 5% nicotine. Vapers will be able to enjoy a classic through this new device that makes it easier to carry that delicious pink lemonade flavor wherever the hustle takes them.


Juicy Peach: This peach Hustle Disposable device isn’t just good, it’s juicy. Fresh off the vine ripened peach flavor is distilled into each disposable, which provides an average of 300 hits with 5% nicotine. Vapers who are passionate about peaches will love this disposable, which is designed to keep up with the vapers who hustle.


Apple Ice: The sweet and juicy flavor of apples get a chilly remix with cooling menthol. This Hustle Disposable provides an average of 300 hits and 5% nicotine. Enjoy the sweet taste of iced apple e-juice on the go and wherever you have to hustle. The distinct flavors of Hustle Apple Ice will have you reminiscing about a cool brisk day in the fragrant apple orchard.

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