Flawless Vape Shop is officially introducing another great dynamic duo of fruity flavored eJuice from the house of Wick ‘N’ Vape to our online store. Let’s take a journey into the neon world of eJuice land to rediscover strawberry watermelon punch and blue raspberry slush flavors. Be sure to read the full review for an online coupon code to use on your next purchase, enjoy!

Note: This review is intended for beginner and intermediate vapers.

DISCLOSURE: My review is based on my own personal opinion and does not reflect the view of Flawless Vape Shop. This is NOT A PAID REVIEW.

Let’s take a magical and fluorescent trip down the rabbit hole into a world of neon lights, vape clouds, bacon and endless Slurpee flavors! Before we embark into the world of Wick ‘N’ Vape, let’s talk about the box presentation of both flavors. Each box has a unique colorful design with high graphic quality. Also, each box includes a complimentary sample pack of cotton bacon which is pretty nice and rare to see nowadays; kudos Wick ‘N’ Vape.

Wick ‘N’ Vape: Punch’D - Strawberry Watermelon Punch 100ml

With my first vape hits, my taste palate was able to pick both the strawberry and watermelon flavors. This eJuice is not too sweet and the vape cloud production is pretty solid. I was able to vape for almost a full day without getting tired or noticing any flavor dilution from my tank. I recommend this eJuice and it can probably become your daily driver.

My personal review score for Strawberry Watermelon Punch is 7½/10.

Wick ‘N’ Vape: Slush’D - Blue Raspberry Slush 100ml

Just like its brother, Slush’D is a power punch of sweet slushy flavor! The blue raspberry taste makes your taste buds go wild; the vape production has a mist feel of a slurpee. Pretty awesome! I was able to vape on this eJuice for over eight hours without growing tired or the taste diluting. As with its brother; Punch’D pick this one up to; or even better pick up both!

My personal review score for Blue Raspberry Slush is 7½/10.

Both flavors will suit well for sweet and fruity flavor aficionados, both are a great pair from the house of Wick ‘N’ Vape. There you have it, if you decide to pick up both share your experience with us through our Instagram page. Don’t forget to use coupon code: KROD15, for 15% off your purchase order.