Flawless Vape Shop is officially introducing an amazing sweet and sour flavored eLiquid from the house of Lemon Twist eLiquid to our online store. In this review I will be sharing my honest review from Lemon Twist, be sure to read the full review for an online coupon code to use on your next purchase; enjoy! 

Note: This review is intended for beginner and intermediate vapers.

DISCLOSURE: My review is based on my own personal opinion and does not reflect the views of Flawless Vape Shop. This is NOT A PAID REVIEW.

Golden Coast Lemon Bar eLiquid

I quickly became a fan of this eLiquid; after vaping for three consecutive days I did not grow tired of it. The box presentation is unique and of high quality, it takes you back to our States (California) glory days of prospecting. Inside you will find dual-bottles of 60ml each; giving you a total of 120ml punch of golden lemon bar taste; if that’s what you’re into! Hehehehe.

Lemon Twist eLiquid: Golden Coast Lemon Bar 60ml x2

I immediately became a fan because it reminded me of my childhood years; mid-90's. When I eagerly waited for my grandmothers amazing lemon pie; a mouthful of sweet and sour. When you take the first vape hit you are greeted with a mixed flavor of sweet and sour taste. I have to admit and say my taste palate was a bit confused at first, but once my taste buds settled I picked up the lemon taste! As I mentioned earlier I left my vape tank full on my Tuglyfe DNA 250 for several days; yes I wrote days. Both the taste and flavor did not dilute one bit, I was able to still pick up the sweetness and lemon flavors; a true delight!

My personal review score for Golden Coast Lemon Bar is 8/10.

Why are you STILL READING THIS? Add this one as your daily eLiquid!

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous today, pick this one up! Golden Coast Lemon Bar from the house of Lemon Twist is a winner. There you have it, if you decide to pick it up let me know what you think on our Instagram page. Don’t forget to use coupon code: KROD15, for 15% off your purchase order.