Flawless Vape Shop is proud to officially introduce our first generation Unregulated Squonk Box Kit! Smooth rounded corners against a miniature-symmetrical shape design, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. This industry leading design accommodates both right-handed and left-handed vapers.

Note: This review is intended for advance vapers.


Our Southern California in-house design team really hit the ball out of the park with this one! The outside housing is CNC made that incorporates high-end durable delrin, and includes a laser engraved American flag and our tugboat logo. This new design also features brushed mimetic polyalloy or liquid metal; you usually see this on high-end smartphones.

The design also includes the option for interchangeable plates! These plates were handcrafted by our team of in-house local artists. Also, all tugboat unregulated squonk box kits are assembled by hand.


Safety was the priority throughout the design process of the new unregulated squonk box! The inside includes demagnetize copper to reduce any unwanted static discharge, this design is intended to enhance safety and prolong device life.

Tugboat Unregulated Squonk Box Kit


Our unregulated squonk box kit housing is specious to accommodate one 20700/18650 battery. It is recommended that a 20-amp cells or better is selected; battery is not included in the kit! The battery is removable for recharging; don’t let a zombie battery keep you from getting the most of your favorite new box mod.

One Button

Each tugboat unregulated squonk box does not feature an OLED screen or protection from a built-in chip that showcases low voltage, puff count, etc. With this box mod you don’t have the option to change from voltage to wattage mode or select a temperature.

Self-Adjusting Pin

Our unregulated new box mod is built with a self-adjusting connection from brushed liquid metal and surrounded by demagnetized copper. This means:

  • Both liquid metal and copper are highly conductive, so performance should be consistent
  • All industry leading atomizers will attach flawlessly!

 Unregulated Mod Specifications

  • 20700/18650 Compatible (battery not included)
  • 8 ml Squonk Bottle (included)
  • Delrin Machined box
  • Hybrid stabilized wood magnetized door 
  • Delrin Cap
  • Ultem Cap
  • 24 MM Diameter Tugboat Atomizer
  • Pins for Squonk and Non Squonk Use
  • Two post design
  • Angled Airflow holes in the deck for Maximum airflow to your coils
  • Square posts
  • Square peek Insulators (No Spinning Post) 
  • 2.5 MM Post holes
  • Deep Juice Well 
  • All parts are made on our Ganesh 7 axis and Haas dual spindle lathes
If you made it this far, PLEASE STOP READING AND ORDER ONE NOW! Our team is very proud of this release, and our final score for the Unregulated Squonk Box Kit is 10/10.