Flawless Vape Shop is officially introducing Fried Cream Cakes Lucky Charm eLiquid, from the house of Liquid EFX to our online store. Before I get into the review, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I’m fairly new to both the vape scene and the amazing tight-knit flawless team! I will be reviewing new vape juice flavors FIRST before they hit the streets, and I welcome you to be part of this journey. Who knows maybe at the end of future reviews I may include an online discount code; so, KEEP READING!

Update: As of April 24th, 2018 we have discontinued this product from our online store. However, if you're still seeking a sweet dessert flavored ejuice you should definitely try leprechaun milk from the house of Tuglyfe eJuice.

Note: This review is intended for beginner vapers.

DISCLOSURE: My review is based on my own personal opinion and does not reflect the views of Flawless Vape Shop. This is NOT A PAID REVIEW.

One of my office roommates build a week-long hype about this “new amazing” dessert flavor he had just found. So, I bought into the hype and tried for the very first time a vape juice, this juice happened to be Fried Cream Cakes Lucky Charm. I initially had high expectations and I was seeking that flash back to my childhood years.

When I think of lucky charms my childhood memories immediately come to life! Me being a kid again in the late 90’s, waking up on a Saturday morning and pouring a bowl of lucky charms while I watched X-Men the animated series. Remember those days? However, I did not get my moment of nostalgia with my first vape hits.

Liquid EFX Lucky Charm eJuice

What I did get was a punch of maple syrup, a fresh oven pie crust taste and a sweet marshmallow after taste. It was too sweet for me at first, but the beauty of it I did not taste any chemicals; ha. The vape cloud was amazing, I used a SMOK Stick V8 Kit that Flawless Vape Shop generously donated. After leaving the vape juice sit on my tank for twelve hours I decided to give it another try. This time the taste was a bit different, a very smooth and sweet balance blend of maple syrup and marshmallow taste; I did not get a unicorn after taste, ha! The end result of the taste is more of a pastry than a bowl of cereal.

If your taste palate leans towards the dessert vape juice flavors, then Fried Cream Cakes Lucky Charm from the house of Liquid EFX is a solid pick. However, if your taste palate leans towards fruity flavors or Tobacco flavors pick this one when it’s on sale or bundled with other vape juices.

My personal review score for Fried Cream Cakes Lucky Charm is 7/10.