BC5000 Elf Bar | 5000 Puffs | 13mL stands out thanks to its 650mAh internal battery, which focuses on reliable and efficient power delivery. It energizes the tip of your tongue and provides a satisfying throat hit with its 13ml pre-filled e-juice, which has a 5% nicotine level and lasts for over 5000 puffs. Despite its diminutive and adorable size, 79mm by 41mm by 19mm, you won't be inconvenienced by it, and it avoids the problem of having to forfeit performance or flavor. It delivers the best visual and gustatory experience because of its ergonomic mouthpiece, progressive pattern, streamlined appearance, and silk-like durability.


Freemax Twister 2 80w


Freemax Twister 2 80W Kit, which has an output range of 15-80W and is rated IP67 for resistance to water and dust—designed to be a shock, dust, and water resistant. The Freemax Twister 2 has a sizable 3000mAh internal battery that provides extended functionality all day long without recharging. E-Liquid can be stored in the refillable tank for up to 5mL and powered by a USB Type-C cable with a 5V/1.5A output. This kit has a 0.15-ohm option and uses coils from the Freemax X1-D Mesh Coil Series to produce unmatched smoke and flavor.


Vaporesso GTX GO 80 Kit 80w


A tube mod that comes in various cool colors is the Vaporesso GTX GO 80. It has a sizable 5 ml pod and inbuilt 3000mAh batteries. The kit has a top-filling pod with a single 0.2-ohm mesh coil. The GTX GO 80 uses direct voltage output based on the power in the cell and also features a single operating button. The mod contains an airflow adjustment control on the front and a Type-C charging connector.


Voopoo Doric 60 Kit 60w

The internal 2500mAh battery in the VooPoo Doric 60's multifarious pod gadget powers several features, including its 60W maximum power output. A newly created ventilation system in the gadget also allows consumers better control over drug resistance. Users can choose between Doric's two firing mechanisms with the control button. Additionally, customers have the option of making the device button- or draw-activated. The pod has a maximum capacity of 4.5ml, and two types of totally detachable coils are included in the box.



What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a device that uses heat to produce vapor from a vape tank or cartridge. They are cylindrical, pocket-sized, rechargeable battery-powered gadgets; therefore, the name "pen." Around 2010, a company by the name of Janty introduced vape pens to the e-cigarette market; shortly after, Joyetech made them widely known. This product completely changed the vaporizer industry by allowing users to exchange atomizers or cartridges, as well as greater battery capacities and longer run times. E-cigarettes were previously tiny, self-contained devices with the same size and shape as cigarettes.


Different types of vape pens

Vape pens come with a variety of features and battery sizes. Some vape pens engage with a button, while others activate with a draw (meaning, when you inhale on the cart or tank, the device will sense a change in pressure and activate). Additionally, some vape pens have adjustable power output, which is the most desired feature because it allows users to customize their experience. The power used by the atomizer can increase a hit's intensity. However, the atomizer may emit a burnt taste if there is too much power. Vaping shouldn't burn anything!


Are vape pens bad for you?

A vape pen is simply a power source, just like any vape mod, in the strictest meaning of the phrase. In truth, when people talk about vape pens, they usually mean a whole starter kit, which includes a vape pen and a cartridge filled with vape oil or juice made from cannabis. Knowing what's in the vape pen's cartridge, what strength is being used, who created it, how often it's being used, and by whom is necessary to determine the level of safety.

Even without knowing those specifics, there are a few specific things. If you inhale substances other than air for recreational purposes, you, at the very least, put your respiratory system in danger. The dangers associated with using vape pens mainly depend on whether you use them as a substitute for smoking. It is crystal obvious from the Royal College of Physicians report, which Public Health England (PHE) released, that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Although not utterly risk-free on its own, vaping is safer than smoking.

The psychological and physiological effects of ingesting a mind-altering substance still exist when cannabis-derived products are vaped. Still, there are fewer health risks than when the combustion of plant material is inhaled. Like the last example, nicotine vape juice vaporized with a vape pen still contains nicotine and has a high potential for becoming habit-forming. However, much as with items made from cannabis, the absence of inhaling combusted particulate matter reduces the number of risks associated with smoking anything.


How to use a vape pen

Hold the vape pen and press the button to start drawing on your cart or tank. However, there are a few suggestions to make the experience trouble-free.


  • Before using the pen or mounting a cart or tank on it, completely charge it. The vape pen contains a tiny lithium-ion battery, and its capacity can decrease when it is not used for long periods. When a new battery just needed to be charged initially, frequent new users might mistakenly believe it was a dud.
  • If the device has a button, pressing it quickly five times is required to turn it on. There must be five clicks quickly, one after the other. The device can also be turned off in the same manner. If the device is draw-actuated, it has no physical on/off switch because it enters sleep mode while not in use.
  • If the gadget can be adjusted for power, do so before you start. Vape a bit. Take another puff after gradually increasing the power. You've reached the sweet spot when it feels and tastes just right. The pen's bottom usually has a rotary dial that may be turned to alter the power. Voltage adjustments typically range from 3.3 to 4.8 volts. Exceptionally few cannabis oil carts should exceed 3.7–3.9 volts because anything more will result in a scorched impact. Oil carts should operate in the 3.3–3.9-volt range.
  • The pen will cut off power to the atomizer when the automatic shutoff limit is reached during a drag on your tank or cart. The maximum length of your pen should be listed in the user handbook. The maximum time for one hit won't frequently go beyond 8 seconds. If you want to take a long draw, release the button for a split second midway through your hit, then begin again immediately.


Charging a vape pen

The maximum charge voltage of a cell phone wall plug will likely exceed the safety thresholds of your equipment. Therefore, avoid using one to charge your pen. This method of charging a vape pen could, at worst, cause a fire or damage your battery.

Vape pens can be charged with a USB wire, just like other small electronic gadgets, on a computer, laptop, or even in your car.

Depending on your vape pen model, there are two different sorts of charging cords.

  • The device's bottom or the side of the pen should accept the usual micro USB cord (sometimes hidden under a chrome cap).
  • A unique connection that attaches to the pen's top immediately (called a 510 connection).

Any other standard USB cord will function if you need to change your vape pen charger and have a pen with a standard connector. Replacements for proprietary connections that thread onto the 510 can be purchased from our store. A vape pen replacement charger ought to be relatively inexpensive.