Humble Juice Co is a premium eliquid company based in Los Angeles California. The difference between other juice companies and Humble Juice, is the manufacturing quality without the outlandish price tag. On September 3, 2020 Humble Juice submitted the PMTA application to the FDA. Currently, Humble E-Liquid is on Phase 3 of the PMTA process.
    Humble Juice Co has conformed the eliquid collection from 120ml's to 60ml's in the 10 flavors. Capturing the most popular eliquid categories such as Fruits, Menthol, Desserts, and Tobacco; Humble Juice has stayed true to providing top-shelf ejuice flavors and yet offering each product at an affordable price. 
    Salt Nicotine: 36MG  E-Liquid: 3MG & 6MG


    Humble OG Flavors Similar Current Flavors
    Berry Blow Doe Blue Raspberry
    Berry Blow Doe Ice Blue Raspberry Menthol
    Lemon Cake (HMBL) Banana Bread
    Pee Wee Kiwi Kiwi Berry Citrus
    Sweater Puppets Mango Passionfruit
    American Dream Creamy Crunch
    Donkey Kahn Strawberry Banana
    Hop Scotch Toffee Vanilla Custard
    Vanilla Almond Tobacco (Habana) Vanilla Almond Tobacco
    Watermelon (HMBL) Watermelon


    Humble E-Liquid Flavors

    Blue Raspberry 

    "Designed to keep your taste buds happy! Enjoy our Sweet Raspberry and Blueberry mix."

    Blue Raspberry Menthol

    "The classic Blueberry Raspberry mashup on ICE, designed to keep your taste buds buzzin."

    Banana Bread

    "A delicacy that will leave you wanting more & more, our buttery Banana Bread E-liquid will melt in your mouth."

    Creamy Crunch

    "Start your day with Milk & Oats with a side of cream and a hint of Honey."

    Kiwi Berry Citrus

    "Bursts of kiwi with mild notes of berries and citrus zest. Combined it’s a mildly refreshing fruity all day vape!"

    Mango Passionfruit

    "Tropical in all the right places, enjoy our taste of paradise! Mango Passionfruit mashup."

    Strawberry Banana

    "Two of the most classic flavor combinations:  Juicy Strawberry and ripened Banana with a hint of tropical dragonfruit."

    Toffee Vanilla Custard

    "Enjoy this treat! Toffee, vanilla, and butterscotch custard e-liquid to get your day started."

    Vanilla Almond Tobacco 

    "Tobacco with a twist, Rich tobacco with creamy vanilla custard and toasted almond notes."


    "Try a different take on Watermelon. Deliciously smooth, juicy, seedless watermelon...what's not to love!"
    Due to the changing industry, Humble Juice Co moved to 60ml eliquid bottles with similar flavor profiles as their original line. In order to capture the industry standard, Humble E-Liquid is offered in fruit, menthol, dessert, and tobacco flavors. We are thankful to have tried the full line from Humble and our favorite flavors are Strawberry Banana, Blue Raspberry, and Banana Bread. Although the flavors are not exactly as the original Humble line, the new PMTA eliquids are very tasty. 
    • Strawberry Banana: 
      • Inhale: Sweet strawberry 
      • Exhale: Smooth and creamy banana
    • Blue Raspberry:
      • Inhale: Sweet blueberry
      • Exhale: Tangy blue raspberry
    • Banana Bread:
      • Inhale: Pastry/Bread
      • Exhale: Baked banana