Flawless Official Review: New Menthol eJuice Flavors You Need to Try in 2018!

Flawless Vape Shop is officially introducing an icy eJuice series, that just arrived to our online store directly from the U.K. This review will be a bit different from previous ones, I will be reviewing the best menthol ejuices from the house of Dr. Frost and Bazooka Sour Straws Ice. Be sure to read the full review for an online coupon code to use on your next purchase, enjoy!

Note: This review is intended for beginner and intermediate vapers.

DISCLOSURE: My review is based on my own personal opinion and does not reflect the view of Flawless Vape Shop. This is NOT A PAID REVIEW.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Allow me to introduce a new eJuice brand that just hit U.S. streets in 2018, Dr. Frost E-Liquid is a premium eJuice brand from the U.K. that manufactures menthol flavored eJuices. I am predicting that Dr. Frost will become the best new menthol flavored eJuice brand for 2018.

Flawless Vape Shop already carries all four-menthol flavored eJuices, I will not be raving about the box graphics since each menthol eJuice is individually sold. However, each 100ml gorilla style eJuice bottle has an amazing grip to it. Each of the four menthol flavors have an angry frosty snowman; this little guy is ready to bring a blizzard to your mouth.

Dr. Frost: Grape Ice 100ml

I have to admit and say I am not a big fan of menthol flavored eJuices; that first initial punch of taking the vape gets me all the time. However, with grape ice it was a smooth vape, my taste palate was able to immediately pick up the frozen grapes flavor. The vape production was frosty and solid, I was able to vape of this new menthol flavor alone for over eight hours without getting tired. Throughout the day, I did not notice any flavor dilution or my taste buds getting frosty. Because of the smooth vape hits I was able to take, if you want to get into the menthol eJuices this series may become your daily driver.

My personal review score for Grape Ice is 8/10.

Grape Ice eJuice

Dr. Frost: Orange Mango Ice 100ml

Orange Mango Ice is a wild one! Although it’s a menthol flavored eJuice; my taste palate was able to pick up some tropical fruit. I was able to taste the cold cut oranges and the blizzard taste of mango! Just with Grape Ice, I experienced smoothness while vaping. I did not get tired of this flavor nor did I notice any flavor dilution; I vaped close to six hours. The vape production was solid with an icy mist, again, if you want to begin vaping on menthol flavors pick this one up.

My personal review score for Orange Mango Ice is 8/10.

Orange Mango Ice eJuice

Dr. Frost: Strawberry Ice 100ml

Strawberry Ice will remind you of a frozen smoothie! My taste palate was greeted with a frozen punch of berries. The vape production is amazing, and you will really enjoy the sweet mist; I was able to vape on this eJuice close to a full day without getting tired or noticing any flavor dilution. Again, just like the other two flavors the overall vape is pretty smooth. Pick this one up and give it a try, the frozen berry punch is well worth it.

My personal review score for Strawberry Ice is 8/10.

Strawberry Ice eJuice

Dr. Frost: Watermelon Ice 100ml

Watermelon Ice is by far my favorite flavor! As a kid I used to put sliced watermelon pieces in the freezer to snack on later. My taste palate was immediately greeted with frozen flavored watermelon, and I vaped on this menthol eJuice flavor for a full day without getting tired or noticing any flavor dilution. Just like the other three flavors, vape production is solid with an icy mist. My overall experience with Watermelon Ice was smooth and eventful since it reminded me of my childhood. Pick this one up; enough said!

My personal review score for Watermelon Ice is 8/10.

Watermelon Ice eJuice

These new menthol eJuice flavors from the house of Dr. Frost will be a success in 2018! As I mentioned earlier even if you’re not a big menthol aficionado pick up all four and give Dr. Frost a try. There you have it, if you decide to pick all four flavors share your experience with us through our Instagram page. Don’t forget to use coupon code: KROD15, for 15% off your purchase order.