Flawless Official Review: Skwezed - Mango

Flawless Vape Shop is officially introducing another tropical fruity flavored eJuice from the house of Skwezed to our online store. In this review I will be sharing my thoughts on Mango eJuice, be sure to read the full review for an online coupon code to use on your next purchase; enjoy!

Note: This review is intended for beginner and intermediate vapers.

DISCLOSURE: My review is based on my own personal opinion and does not reflect the view of Flawless Vape Shop. This is NOT A PAID REVIEW.

Skwezed Mango eJuice

This mango flavored eJuice is something special! The smell of it will remind you of that tropical vacation you once took or of that authentic tropical fruit juice you may have enjoyed. I recommend you picking this eJuice up just for the smell; ha! The box presentation is traditional, okay graphics with an image of a sliced mango. The gorilla eJuice bottle has a tight grip and feels great in the palm of your hand.

Skwezed: Mango 60ml

I’ll be pretty upfront with you, if tropical fruity flavored eJuice is not your thing; STOP reading this and move on! However, if you want to try something new KEEP reading. As I mentioned earlier the smell of this eJuice is out of this World, and the taste is pretty unique as well. My taste palate was able to pick up fresh mango and slight hints of other sweet flavors. I was able to vape of this eJuice for a full day without getting tired or noticing any flavor dilution. The vape production was solid with hints of sweet mist, an overall delight!

I don’t see this eJuice becoming a daily driver for those that are not fruity flavored eJuice aficionados; but if you made it this far give it a try.

My personal review score for Mango is 7½/10.

If you feel adventurous today and want to dive into fruity flavored eJuice, mango from the house of Skwezed is a good one to get started with! There you have it, if you decide to pick it up let me know what you think on our Instagram page. Don’t forget to use coupon code: KROD15, for 15% off your purchase order.