Best Tobacco-Free or Synthetic Nicotine E-Liquids in 2022

Manufacturers of e-liquid are gradually switching to synthetic nicotine, often known as tobacco-free nicotine (TFN). Nicotine that has not been harvested from the tobacco plant is referred to as tobacco-free nicotine. It is a nicotine alternative that has been designed in every way to mimic naturally occurring nicotine obtained from tobacco. To disguise the flavor and odor, manufacturers must use overpowering flavor and copious amounts of sweeteners, which ultimately leads to coil or heating element issues.

However, synthetic nicotine lacks the same stench or smell. While preserving the same biological effects as nicotine obtained from tobacco, it is nearly odorless, tasteless, and lacks many of the contaminants present in tobacco-derived nicotine, yet has higher purity, better quality, and greatly enhances vape juice flavors.

There are very few vape juice brands that have switched to optional synthetic nicotine to replace the nicotine derived from tobacco utilized in their recipes because it has only recently become a practical choice for manufacturers. The vape juices currently available benefit the tobacco business, and there's no denying that synthetic nicotine products are the vapor goods industry's next big move. Here are some of the best synthetic or tobacco-free e-liquids available in 2022:


GLAS BSX Tobacco-Free Nicotine Series

With the switch to synthetic e-juices, the company sparked controversy within the vaping community. You can choose any bottle of Glas' creamy and rich-tasting synthetic e-liquids, such as their Butterscotch Reserve, Strawberry Milk, Blueberry Cake, Banana Cream Pie, and Glazed Donut, to enjoy the current and distinctive flavor of their synthetic nicotine juice. For anybody who wishes to experience the ideal fusion of savory notes and the genuine flavor of nicotine without the use of tobacco, this vape juice is a necessity. Glas BSX TFN is the ideal illustration of the amazing dessert taste profiles that can be created when using tobacco as a base.


Reds Tobacco-Free Nicotine Series

You will feel revived and experience unrivaled smooth throat hits with 7Daze's Reds TFN Salt. The 30ml squeeze bottles, which are available in nicotine doses of 30 mg and 50 mg, are renowned for their faithful fruity flavor profiles, including Peach, Grape, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Mango, which satisfy a nicotine fix while on the go. These tobacco-free nicotine salts are the best option if you want a hassle-free vape juice that lives up to its promises.


Humble Tobacco-Free Nicotine Series

The vape juices from Humble Juice Co. are made for sub-ohm vaping and pair wonderfully with coils between 0.1 and 1.0 Ohm for thick, flavorful clouds. It is a fantastic nicotine liquid without tobacco that has all the comfort of a typical vape juice while being visibly smooth and excellent in flavor. Humble vape juice startup offers cool fruit sorbet vibes that are packed with a citrus bite and a rainbow kaleidoscope of delicious fruits. With flavors like American Dream, Peach PleasureVTR, and Sweater Puppets, indulge yourself and vape the rainbow.


Keep It 100 Tobacco-Free Nicotine Series

Since its debut, Keep It 100 E-Juice has become one of the most well-known e-liquid brands. It is the signature brand of New Jersey-based e-liquid producer Liquid Labs. For those who like a fruity explosion in their tongues, their hallmark flavor, Blue, provides a powerful strawberry and raspberry punch. Pink, FTC, Orchard, Fusion, and B.A.L. are more flavors from their TFN line that are perfect for those who value perfection and exceptional fruitiness.


Aqua Tobacco-Free Nicotine Series

Aqua vape juice has effectively maintained a top position among its competitors despite the intense rivalry in the vaping business. They are currently transitioning their goods to use synthetic nicotine. Their great flavor profiles have become more vibrant and distinct than ever since the change started. You can buy a bottle of Drops, Rush, Swell, Mist, or Pure Menthol from the Aqua TFN series to have a better picture of the company's product line's tobacco-free future.



The use of synthetic or tobacco-free nicotine is advantageous for e-liquid manufacturers that want to provide vapers with an alternative to smoking. The flavor of synthetic nicotine can be the deciding factor for some users. Some claim that switching to a nicotine vape juice without tobacco results in a more delectable taste.

The list of the best tobacco-free or synthetic nicotine e-liquids in 2022 shown above may be of assistance if you are having trouble choosing a suitable e-liquid. You can choose an e-liquid that catches your attention, take into account your regular "go-to" flavor profile, think about the price, and read reviews from other vapers to determine which is the best choice for you.