Vape devices, like cell phones, are commonplace products for vapers worldwide. They frequently reside in your pocket, purse, or hand, giving bacteria and viruses a free pass to enter your body. Please think twice if you vape and still need to clean your gadget. Because of the bacteria, everyone must keep their equipment clean, not just vapers. While you love your vape, you also love the people in your life. The simplest method to achieve peak performance is with a clean vape. Vape juice's components typically will not leave stains on your equipment, but residue builds up and eventually impairs performance. Coils are infamous for getting gunked up by vegetable glycerin, darker e-juice flavorings, and notably sugary flavors. A clogged coil will produce less flavor and vapor and may cause your vape to taste scorched.

The flavoring from your previous juice might still be present in your device even after changing the coil head. This is especially true for dominating scents like melon, grape, licorice, coffee, menthol, and cinnamon. No offense to those who enjoy grape coffee, but try vaping a grape-flavored coffee e-liquid.

Suppose your vaporizer is brand-new. Tanks and atomizers can occasionally be delivered smelling like machine oil. The distinctive smell will identify them even if they do not appear to be unclean. Whether your device is brand-new or well-used, cleaning it properly is easy to guarantee the finest experience. Fortunately, most tanks today are simple to clean if you follow the appropriate procedures.



Please remove the coil first (we will discuss coil cleaning later). Additionally, disassemble the remainder of the tank while you're at it. Keep a mental note of what belongs where and pay close attention to how things fit together. Maintain order throughout, and don't lose any pieces. While doing this, you can put everything in a small bowl. This will increase the cleaning effectiveness and help you become familiar with the details of your tank. These are the most efficient methods for cleaning your vape tank.


The standard rinse

Warm water is effective in moderately clean tanks. Disassemble the tank by detaching the components. Dry each element with a paper towel after placing them under running water. After that, let them air dry until no more condensation or moisture is visible. You should add an extra step if you haven't cleaned your tank yet.

Fill your cup or dish with water before putting it down. Please put it in the microwave for approximately two minutes. To start the process, rinse your tank's components under the sink. Put your disassembled tank inside the cup or bowl you just removed from the microwave.

Give your tank one final rinse under the sink after letting it sit until the water has cooled. Dry your tank meticulously and gently using a paper towel. Set it aside until it is entirely dry. A blow dryer can also hasten the process, but too much heat may harm your O-rings.


The PG rinse

You can soak your tank with propylene glycol rather than water. Place your disassembled tank in a bowl or cup filled with your PG, and let it be there for a couple of hours. Use VG sparingly because it is a lot thicker liquid and will make cleaning your tank more challenging.

After your tank has finished soaking in the PG, set it up on a napkin and allow it to drip dry. Propylene glycol is an excellent flavor transporter. Therefore, using this procedure to remove any lingering flavor is suitable.



Coil cleaning is a little more complicated. There are two different kinds of replaceable coils: coil heads for tanks, which are enclosed in a tiny metal chamber with an absorbent wick, and coils for rebuildable, which call for user installation and wicking. The methods used to clean the two varieties are very dissimilar. 


Replaceable coils

Although they can technically be cleaned, the replaceable coil heads with sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers won't fully recover. In the perfect scenario, a worn-out coil head lasts a few more days. The presence of wicks causes that. Some residues can be removed by soaking filthy coils and running water through them, but not all of them. Additionally, you will have to wait for the water to evaporate completely, which could take some time.

You can still use the traditional soak and rinse procedure to clean your coil heads.

  • Allow your coil to soak in vinegar, ethanol, or inexpensive vodka for at least a few hours.
  • Place it under the tap and rinse
  • Use some distilled water to rinse once more.
  • To drive water into the wicking holes, blow air on the coil's open side.
  • Once all the water has evaporated, set it aside.

The process will still take time, even with the sun or a heater. After that, you'll see that the wicks appear much better, but once more, don't get your hopes up too high. Despite how new it seems, you need to replace the coil head soon.


Rebuildable coils

Clean your coils as frequently as possible if you're using a rebuildable atomizer. Foul coils will immediately begin to produce less vapor and flavor. If you do a few simple steps, your coils will be almost as good as new ones in no time.

Since you don't want to burn the wicks, remove them from the coils. If the condition of your coils is not too bad, a mild dry burn can be effective. To drain the final bit of liquid, repeatedly press the fire button. After that, let them cool and re-wick.

But if you've done this before a few times, you might require more than just dry burning. If so, you can use these guidelines to perform a deeper cleaning.

  • Remove the wicks from the coils.
  • Lightly dry-burn your coils (avoid letting them glow excessively).
  • Take the atomizer out of your mod.
  • Put in a sink of running water.
  • Scrub them gently with a toothbrush or a coil cleaning device.
  • Refresh by rinsing.
  • Finish with a final dry burn to eliminate the leftover water droplets.

When brushing your coils, you can use a small number of dishwashing solutions, but be sure to rinse them in hot water afterward thoroughly.

It's time to rebuild your atomizer if your coils are still clogged or flavor output has dramatically decreased. Proper cleaning can significantly increase your coils' lifespan, but eventually they will wear down from constant use.



Following the vape tank cleaning advice will work if your vape pen has a removable tank. It's crucial to keep the battery section clean, but avoid using water on it. A soft cloth will do routine cleaning, and a moist towel can be used to remove stains. Just be careful not to wet the buttons or the charging connectors.

Starter vape pen kits with a one-piece design become a little more challenging. Since water and electronics don't mix well, there are several potential problems even if you thoroughly rinse your gadget. Using a Q-tip to clean an AIO vape pen is the most secure and practical method. Clean the interior of the tank portion thoroughly by wiping it down with a Q-tip dipped in distilled water or propylene glycol. Use a dry Q-tip to review it once more for far superior results. You can efficiently remove the majority of the muck in this manner.



The first thing to remember is that mixing various e-juice brands is acceptable. What matters is whether you enjoy the flavor of the mixture. Most people find thoroughly cleaning their vapes each time they switch e-liquids to be a lot of work. Is it necessary to clean your tank in between juices? It's not necessary to be.

It should take little time for the old flavor to be flushed out if you vaped your tank dry before switching e-liquids. Some in-between puffs when vaping on flavors with a similar profile might even be delicious. However, if the two juices are dissimilar, you likely will prefer a different flavor combination. Here's how you can save some time for yourself.

The wicks will dry out if the e-liquid is removed from the tank and short-duration puffs are taken. Avoid taking more than 3–4 puffs because a dry hit could occur. Lowering the wattage will provide additional safety if you use a controlled device. While there may still be some mixed flavor puffs in between, switching flavors will be considerably faster when the wicks are close to dry.

You are blowing into the mouthpiece of your tank while firing your mod as another method to get rid of flavor residue on your wicks. This will evaporate what liquid is still present. It's a helpful trick, but you must perform it at a very low wattage to avoid burning your wicks.

Customers that utilize rebuildable dripping atomizers will find the procedure considerably easier. In actuality, RDAs are the best atomizers for on-the-go flavor altering. Remove the top cap, fire your device, and blow on your coils. Again, please don't overdo it, as you could burn them. You will notice that your wicks are drying out and going white. Put some of your fresh e-liquid on your coils and start vaping.

Try vaping some base e-liquid in between several juices for even more excellent results. This eliminates residual flavors more effectively and works for both tanks and RDAs.



You can ensure that your vaporizer is free of undesirable germs by frequently cleaning it. This is particularly crucial if you frequently share your device with others. The germs will remain on it if you clean it frequently enough, which is different from what you want.

Anyone who already uses a vape or who wants to buy a vape for the first time should find the information above helpful. Although routine upkeep and cleaning are crucial, maintaining the state of your vape pen, mod, or pod is relatively simple. You can rely on the fact that keeping your vape equipment well-maintained will always be worthwhile and significantly enhance your entire vaping experience.

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